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35 Years of Medjugorje Pilgrimages: An Interview with Penny Abbruzzese

Penny Abbruzzese is a dedicated Group Leader for 206 Tours who has helped thousands of people find God through Pilgrimage. Since 1984, Penny has been working alongside 206 Tours, and this year made her 103rd Pilgrimage to Medjugorje. In addition to Medjugorje, Penny has visited countless Catholic Holy sites around the world. She is an inspiring author, filmmaker, wife, mother, and grandmother, who has converted so many hearts through sharing her story and her ministry. Below enjoy a special interview with Penny on the significance of Pilgrimage.

“I always say, in Medjugorje you just have to stand still – it’s like there a huge chest board up in Heaven and Our Lady puts you where she needs you to be, to be taught by someone else or to minister to the person in the group who is totally alone”

How did you first get involved in Pilgrimage? What originally called you to Medjugorje? I was an absolute pagan from 14 to 33 years old, when my younger brother, who was my best friend, committed suic…

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