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Pilgrimage Love Story

A Pilgrimage is an opportunity to make deep connections, not just with Jesus, but with fellow Pilgrims as well. This was certainly the case for two young Pilgrims, Matthew & Cassidy, who met during a 206 Tours Pilgrimage to the Holy Land led by Group Leader Mary Johnston. Read all about their charming love story below:

In 2019, Cassidy went with a friend on a 206 Tours pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Israel). It was on this pilgrimage that Cassidy first met Matthew, who was taking accompanying his mother. Their first words were exchanged in the old city of Jerusalem while partaking in falafel sandwiches, recommended by their 206 tour guide Usama (locally known as the best tour guide in Israel)! Their connection quickly grew from there, as Cassidy realized Matthew is a history buff and had previously taken the same pilgrimage. Knowing this, she often brought her questions to Matthew who was happy to answer what he could - without giving away spoilers or Usama's secrets of course! …

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