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Find Jesus in The Holy Land

For most Catholics, a Pilgrimage to The Holy Land is a Bucket-List trip, and life goal. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to Holy and Sacred places in our world - God calls on us to take pilgrimages to walk towards Him, deepen our faith, and to know Him more fully. A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land has so much to offer, as you can visit the sites where your favorite Bible verses took place, and literally walk where Jesus walked and feel profoundly connected to Him.

The Holy Land ChecklistFinding JesusHere is a checklist of Catholic sites where you can find Jesus in The Holy Land
1. Cana - [John 2:1-11] This town is the site where Jesus performed His first public miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding, at the request of The Blessed Mother Mary.
Many married couples travel in pilgrimage to Cana and renew their vows at the Franciscan Church.
2. Nazareth - [Matthew 13:54-58]In Nazareth, you can visit the site of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s home, and tour the town where Jesus lived as a…

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